Red Flag Domains are lists of very recently registered probably malicious domain names in french TLDs (see here). Data are published for security purposes only, and can be used to feed an automatic filtering solution like proxy. More details here.


List of 169 new domains

Downloadable full list files:


aaliceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aideregularisation[.fr] (registrar: IONOS SE)
ailceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
akiceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alcieadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicaedsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicdadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceaadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceacsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceaddl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceaddsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadql[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadsm[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadso[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadssl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadwl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadxl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceadzl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceaesl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceafsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceassl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceaxsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicedasl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliceqdsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicezdsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alicradsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliczadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliecadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alifeadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aliiceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alixeadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alkceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
alliceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aloceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
aluceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
amende-antai-gvs[.fr] (registrar: Realtime Register B.V.)
amendes-info[.fr] (registrar: KEY-SYSTEMS GmbH)
amiceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
antai-gestions[.fr] (registrar: Realtime Register B.V.)
antaiservices[.fr] (registrar: Realtime Register B.V.)
aoiceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
assistance-clients[.fr] (registrar: KEY-SYSTEMS GmbH)
awnadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbbox[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbix[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bblx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bboc[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbod[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bboq[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbow[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bboxx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbpx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bbxo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bhox[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bnox[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
bobx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
botmail[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
cclub-internet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
cllub-internet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
clubb-internet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-iinternet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-innternet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-inteernet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-interneet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club–internet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-internett[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-internnet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-interrnet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
club-intternet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
cluub-internet[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
connexion-bnpparibas[.fr] (registrar: Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider)
enuf[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
feee[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
france-amende[.fr] (registrar: SAS Ligne Web Services - LWS)
frde[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
frze[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
ftee[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
ggmx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
gmmx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
gmxx[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
hltmail[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
hotmakl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
hotpail[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
iledefrance-navigo[.fr] (registrar: EPAG Domainservices GmbH)
inspe-grenoble[.fr] (registrar: KEY-SYSTEMS GmbH)
laiceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
lkve[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
lutlook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
mise-a-jour-informations[.fr] (registrar: Sarek Oy)
mmsn[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
mon-espace-vitale[.fr] (registrar: EPAG Domainservices GmbH)
mon-suivis-colis-acheminement[.fr] (registrar: IONOS SE)
mqn[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
msnn[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nefu[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nmericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nmuericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nuemricable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numeericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numeircable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numerciable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numeriacble[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericaable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericabel[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericablee[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericabl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericbale[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericble[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numericcable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numeriicable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numerricable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nummericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
numreicable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
nuumericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oive[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
ojtlook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oragge[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
orahge[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
orajge[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oranbe[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oraneg[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
orangd[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oranhe[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oranve[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
otulook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
ouglook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outliok[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outloko[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outlolk[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outlooi[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outlooj[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outlpok[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outmook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outolok[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outoook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
outtlook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
ouutlook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
oytlook[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
qanadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
qliceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
rfee[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
roange[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
rree[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
sanadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
sfrr[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
timberlandfrance[.fr] (registrar: GRANSY s.r.o.)
unmericable[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
vree[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wagadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wajadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadio[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadlo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadoi[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadol[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadop[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanadpo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanaeoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanaodo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanaxoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wanqdoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wnaadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wqnadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
wznadoo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
yahlo[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
yaoho[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
yotmail[.fr] (registrar: OVH)
zliceadsl[.fr] (registrar: OVH)